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tv   Fox Morning News at 5  FOX  August 30, 2010 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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out takes adam wainwright to the opposite feed. adam dunn scores follow bid michael morse. that is 2-0 nats. bottom of the third, 2-0 and michael mothers turns on a breaking ball. a two-run home run. mothers with seven straight hits, one shy of the franchise record. the nats lead now 4-0. lanham went 7 two. top of the sixth, strikes out al albert pujols to get the win. the nats take three of four from st. louis. we have much more ahead this morning as fox 5 morning news continues at 5:00 right now. good morning. it is monday morning, august 30th, 2010. off in the distance, a look at the washington monument. we are off to a warm start today. i'm gurvir dhindsa. >> i'm steve chenevey. welcome to fox 5 morning news. we say good morning to tucker
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barnes once again. >> it is hot out there. it is warm right now but it will be hot later today. it was hot later with highs once again back in the 90s. bright sunshine in the forecast the next couple of days around here. temperatures unseasonably warm, near record heat. >> all right. >> let's get to it. we are talking 60s outside the beltway but a very mild, warm, balmy 74 here in town. 71 in owe someone city. 70 down at patuxent naval air station. sunrise this morning about 6:35 and i think by 8:00 or 9:00, temperatures will start to jump. we will be hot around here later today as that area of high pressure continues to rule our pressure w high pressure anchored right over the washington area, you know what? it will be bright and sunny. there won't be more than one or two clouds out there. >> i'm going to count. >> no thunderstorm activity in today's forecast.
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gurvir, you get out there and count for me. hot temperatures this afternoon, 96. code orange air quality by the way. >> very good. thank you. let's check in with traffic and lauren demarco. >> good morning, steve. things looking pretty good right now. northbound 95 in virginia, we did have reports of a disabled vehicle. a live look out there from the trafficland cameras. not causing much of a problem. that has been moved off to the side of the roadway. the lane to the left are northbound 95. in the center, you've got the hov lanes. earlier construction that we had southbound has been picked up. 66 eastbound approaching the beltway, that weekend construction rapped up early yesterday so good news there. you are open inbound from nutley street into the beltway. you to want to watch for the lane shift that was accomplished offer the weekend. keep in mind that later on this morning after the morning rush, left exit for the hov lanes will shut down beginning around 9:00 a.m. for the day. but for the morning rush, it
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will remain open. now, on the beltway in virginia near gallows road, we'll see inner and out you are loops. we had closures periodically because of construction. that should be wrapping u no significant delay in either direction. on the beltway in montgomery county, very nice trip here. you can see the inner and outer loops running at speed. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. a big story we are following this morning. voters in the district can head to the polls today. >> early voting begins later this morning. stacy cohan is live at the board of elections in northwest with all the district attorney tails. good morning to you. >> reporter: well, good morning. this is an awful lot of activity down here for what is just an early voting day and not actually primary election day. i see election workers. there are signs. board of election workers are out here. they expect things to get busy. if you want to come out here
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for early voting, you may. the board of elections is opening at 8:30 a.m. for people that want to vote early. they can vote all the way up until 7:00 p.m. the address down here is 441 fourth street northwest at judiciary square. i am told they want you to use the d street entrance if you are coming down here to vote f can you not get down here today, you want to do it this weekend, that work well. saturday, september 4th, there are four other locations. the chevy chase community center in northwest is one of those. all four of these on your korean will be open as well. part of the reason, it may be getting such a big surge is the hot democratic primary for the mayor of our city and adrian fenty is locked in an increasingly difficult race against council chair vincent gray. according to a new "washington post" poll of 780 registered
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voters, gray has a 17% lead among likely voters. that casts mayor adrian fenty as an incumbent in the unusual position of being an underdog. but both gray and fenty are putting less stock in the polls and more stock in the ability to motivate the voters to get out an begin voting. now f you are coming down here this morning, you may register and vote all in the same day. the polls open here at the board of elects at 8:30 this morning. i'm stacy cohan. back to you. -- at the board of elections. if you ride metrorail, you will notice final fares. the final peak of the peak fare hikes kick in today. trips between 7:30 a.m. and 9:00 a.m. will cost an extra 20 cents. we have abeen paying the higher fee for the evening rush hour since the beginning of the month. metro plans to release ridership figures from the past friday that. may give us a better idea of how man people attended dual rallies on the nation's capital.
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a huge crowd likely in the hundreds of thousands gathered on the mall for glenn beck's restoring honor rally. that took place to the 47th anniversary of dr. martin luther king's i have a dream speech held in the same location. belk, former alaska governor sarah palin and also dr. king's niece were among the speakers who promoted the importance of god and family. the speeches stayed away from overtly political themes and most in the crowd heeded beck's call not to bring political signs. across town, thousands came out if a rally led by the reverend al sharpton. this one was called the reclaim the dream rally axe reference to dr. king's i have a dream speech. speakers called if a continued fight for equal opportunity, an end to poverty and also voting rights for d.c. rally goers marched from dunbar high school in northwest washington three miles to a spot near the jefferson memorial where the mlk monument is being built. police have a warning for people living in georgetown. they are urging the community to be more alert after a young
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woman was sexually assaulted inside her home over the weekend. we get more on this from audrey barnes. >> reporter: the 23-year-old victim told police she was awakened by a man sexually salting her and when she screamed, he fled. two things make this crime particularly unnerving. how he got into the house and when. police say a man had already broken into a young woman's house, salted her and fled. >> i wok up to go to work this morning about 8:00 and you walked out and there is an unusual amount of police cars, about four and a paramedic and it was concerning because it is a quiet straight and not really known for that to happen. >> reporter: detectives say forced his way in. neighbors were told he tore the home's air conditioning unit from a front wind "and got in that way. this woman out walking with her grand baby who asked not to be identified is worried about her two daughters, both young moms living nearby. >> it is scary. i will worry about them.
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i am worried now. i hope they catch him soon. >> reporter: the crime is particularly unnerving to students at nearby georgetown university who have been rattled by a series of sex assaults since last year. >> i think it is absurd that this has lasted this long. i am a georgetown student and i know it is really concerning he is push hi like a lot of girls live off campus. >> reporter: d.c. police commander mark klein says they haven't yet linked sunday's attack to others in the area recently. he is urging residents to be extra diligent about safety. >> we lock all our doors, we check each night. we walk home with guys usually. we try to be safe, yeah. >> i can't get unglued about it. but i keep everything locked. i have security doors. >> reporter: the victim told police her attacker was a white male with an average build. he had dark brown hair and was wearing a blue shirt. d.c. crime solvers is offering a $1,000 reward for information that helps them solve this case. audrey barnes, fox 5 news. >> that attack yesterday
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morning happened about the same time as some of another reported cases from last year. an out of control pickup woke up neighbors in a maryland neighborhood. the pickup ran off old branch road in clinton and hit another parked truck before crashing into a utility box down a hill. that truck had first barreled through several yards. the owner of the parked truck slept through all of the commotion. >> it was parked in front of the house. the next thing you know, my neighbor knocked at the door, ply truck -- my truck is at the front door, are to up. he ran through three or four yards. >> well, apparently, this is how he did it. police say the drive of the truck fell asleep at the wheel. he was taken to the hospital and we do want know yet about any charges in this case. the summer vacation wrapped up over the weekend for many of our area school kids. students in montgomery, charles and howard county go back this morning n our 7:00 hour, we'll talk live with montgomery county superintendent jerry weast about the year ahead, his
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last year on the job before retiring. also about a new study on early education in the county. that is at 7:00 right here on fox 5. a tragic dent at the indianapolis motor speedway. >> a motorcycle racer killed and he was just 13 years old. we'll plain how it happened. he is no tiger woods but this golfer certainly has a sure shot on the green. find out why he is feeling pretty lucky this morning. [ male announcer ] have something you love doing?
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a promising career cut tragically short at the indianapolis motor speedway. a 1-year-old motorcycle racer died on sunday. peter lenz fell off his bike during a warm-up lap and then was run over by another young motorcycle driver. other racers fielded questions about the size of the bike that he was riding. >> that is not like a bike too big for him. this is our sport. we chose to do it. i moon sure, we know going in the consequences so i won't go there at all. >> it is the first death at the speedway since indy car driver tony renna was killed back in twoaght. there were some scary moments for a pilot and golfers down in south florida when a
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small plane was forced to make a crash landing ate golf course. the pilot had taken off from a nearby airport when the engine lost power. he smash the the aircraft through a fence, hit awe tree and clipped a car before landing in the golf course parking lot. the pilot wasn't hurt. the odds are hoof i getting a hole in one and what about two holes in one and in the same round of golf? >> that is what happened to a golfer in massachusetts. after the weather fitz one, the man was ready to celebrate and then he teed up and did he it gets. the gulf coast now marking five years since hurricane katrina hit. >> when he come back, the effort to rebuild are still ongoing so the memorials are ongoing as well. a hot one today. temperatures back into the mid- 90s. i'll bring you the latest with hurricane earl and lauren demarco is in with a look at your morning traffic. that coming up in just a couple of minutes. droiiiid.
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welcome back. it is a little bit after 5:15 on this monday morning and we are off it another warm start even though we are headed to the end of august and the unofficial end of summer coming up this coming weekend. >> i think it is officially over if you are going back to school today. >> that is probably true. montgomery county, howard county. >> another county too. >> charles, i think? we'll run those down for you. we know that montgomery and howard are back today. >> shorts and short-sleeved shirts, my advice. >> mom is not going to dress their child in shorts and t- shirts on the first day of school, trust me. >> are you seen schools lately? >> -- have you seen schools lately? >> we'll be hot this afternoon with highs back into the middle 90s. there we go. we haven't had them in a week
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or two. it will be nice to have them back. 75 at reagan national. i was just kidding. not looking forward to mid-90s. 65 at dulles. manassas, 63678961 in culpeper. way out in cumberland, we are 63 degrees. you get the idea, it will be a warm one this morning and a hot one this afternoon with high temperatures jumping very quickly here into the mid-90s by early this afternoon. satellite-radar, very quiet conditions, got high pressure right there. right across the washington area. if you look outside you might see the h. but just not going to be in a hurry to get out of here. it will be stuck here all week long. we'll be talking about heat each afternoon for the next several days. good news, relative good news. our winds are out of the north here and humidity won't be as bad as it could be. that doesn't mean the humidity won't be on the increase but it could be worse around here with temperatures in the mid-90s as our dew point temperatures will generally be holding off in the 60s. lets get down to hurricane earl. category two hurricane maximum
5:20 am
winds, 105 miles per hour. can you see it there in the leeward islands. look out. u.s. virgin island, we now have a hurricane warn, hurricane watch for puerto rico. looks like it tracks off to the wears-northwest and intensifies into a major hurricane over the next couple of days. we too in washington will have to watch this very carefully as we get into the middle and end of the the week because it looks like it tracks right after the eastern seaboard. hurricane earl moving off to the northwest at about 13 miles per hour. maximum winds, 105 miles per hour. watch that track as it continues to push off and intensify. 135-mile per hour winds forecast by 6:00 a.m. thursday. you can see it will be relatively close to the mid- atlantic coastline. we'll have a lot of storm surge problems and the possibility of some tropical storm winds along the lower eastern shore as we get into thursday and friday morning with hurricane earl. our forecast, a hot one. 96degrees this afternoon. lots of sunshine.
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wind out of the north at five miles per hour. the five-day forecast, next couple of nights, we'll be mild with overnight lows in the upper 60s and low 70s. and each afternoon, high temperatures back in the 90s right through the end of the week. we'll have to see what happens with earl here by thursday and friday. that is a look at the forecast. let's get to lauren demarco with the latest on our traffic. >> we do have a new accident reported inbound east capital street at 55th street. the inbound lanes shut down there. you do need to work your way around it. westbound outbound not affected. traveling 66 right now, things look pretty good as you head eastbound towards the beltway. our weekend construction has wrapped up. watch, there is a new lane shift moving over slight throit right. also the left hov exit, it will be open throughout the morning rush but then beginning at 9:30, it will shut down for more roadwork through outthe day today. -- there is a new lane shift moving over slightly to the
5:22 am
right. traveling 95, things look pretty good northbound. you do want to watch for a paving product at the ramp to quantico. 395 crossing the 14th street bridge into the district, everything open for you and running well. no robs to report on the beltway in maryland. very nice ride there to the right of your screen is the out are loop heading around into silver spring. you are looking very good. we do have an accident reported on route 50 westbound leaving annapolis at 424 davidson rhode island road. it is on the ramp. stay to the left to get around it. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. on this fifth anniversary of hurricane katrina, a lot of people across southern louisiana are paying tribute to those who lost their lives. >> family and friends gathered to honor the dead. many say the area looked like a war zone when the hurricane hit. >> i don't think it will ever go away like they said they buried katrina. no, katrina buried people all
5:23 am
over. they didn't bury katrina. people that lost their lives, it is heart breaking, you know. and you live with them, you see them shopping. you see them barbecuing. all of that is gone. st.bernard will never be what it was. >> it will never be the same. >> st. bernard parish, officials say more than 60% of the population has returned to the yeart. coming up, soaring in the sky with members of an elite u.s. air force team. a close-up look at the high- flying action coming up next.
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west virginia's governor is one step closer to filling the senate seat held by robert byrd. democrat joe manchin easily won his party's primary. he will fees republican john racy and jessie johnson in november's election. senator byrd was the senate's longest serving member when he died at the age of 92 in june. an inside look at a elise u.s. air force team. >> john scott take also long for a ride with the thunderbirds. >> reporter: they call themselves the ambassadors in blue of the u.s. air force. their mission to recruit, represent and entertain. a television picture doesn't do
5:27 am
justice to the thrill of a thunderbirds performance. the peed speed, the precision, the roar. the only thing better than watching their aerial act in person, to ride along in thunderbird. it begins way visit to the flight surgeon. >> our heart has a limit of about 4 gs. your heart cant pump up against that force after that and you lose consciousness. >> reporter: it takes a team to keep the thunderbirds flying. medically cleared and suited up, little time to meet mother, really. >> you look official. >> the pilot would will take me flying today is air force captain kristin hubbard, the third female pilot in thunderbirds history. with pilot nicknames all but
5:28 am
required were, the captain becomes mother hubbard. >> ready to go? >> oh, yeah. is seven seconds, we are airborne. >> it doesn't take long to get to where the skies are clear. we've now got blue skies and lots of room it play. okay, mother. >> all right. you ready? >> reporter: first, a barrel roll. next, a clover loop. >> how you feel something. >> reporter: doing good. follow bid an eight-point roll. and then for a finale, her favorite, a low dive and a spinning assent straight up into the sky. mission accomplished. mother brings us home. >> you did outstanding. you did really well. >> reporter: despite wobbly legos legs and woozy stomach, the thunderbirds present me with a pin signifying i endured
5:29 am
9 gs without passing out. nice to know the 700,000 members the world appear finest air force are flying for all of us. in new york, john scott, fox news. >> all right, john. thank you. we have much more still ahead on fox 5 morning news. >> reporter: well, voters in d.c. can gibb casting their ballots today as the polls open for early voting. i will tell you the details including the scoop on the tight mayor's race coming up next on fox 5 morning news.
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welcome back. two storms are swirling in the atlantic. riptides from hurricane danielle forced warnings along beeps in new jersey. things were also so rough that more than 200 people had to be rescued in ocean city, maryland saturday. one swimmer is still missing. >> we'll keep an eye on that. all because of the storm out there, i guess. >> danielle and we have to watch for earl later this week. earl will track closer to the u.s. coastline so the storm surge will be even bigger. possible to see some tropical winds along the coast. it will be hot around here, lots of sunshine. good news is humidity won't be too bad but we're still talking temperature in the middle 90s. we have a cold orange air quality later today and we are starting off mild. 75 at reagan national. humidity, 73%. wind are out of the north at -- they are not out of the north. they are no direction at all when they were zero miles per hour. lets asee what he we can find on our satellite-radar.
5:33 am
mostly nothing. very quiet conditions. the high pressure is right over the washington area so bright sunshine throughout the day. nothing more than one or two clouds. gurvir will count for us later today. she will let us know how many we see tomorrow. i think you won't see more than one or two. your forecast, mid-90s. 96 in washington. 97 for you in fredericksburg. we'll be flirting with record temperatures. our record at reagan national is 100. we probably won't get there but you get the idea. >> no rain in the forecast. >> not in the five-day forecast. >> let's check in with lauren and get a look at traffic. >> we do have a couple of accidents reported inbound east capital street at 55th street. we do have your inbound lanes closed with an accident with a pole down. westbound 50 at 424 on the ramp. let's take a live look out there as you head southbound on 270. no problems to report out of
5:34 am
frederick down to germantown. your lanes should be old. 66 eastbound also looks good. our weekend construction wrapped up early at the beltway. no major problems heading in from nutley street. there is a new lane shift to the right. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. voters in the district can head to the polls today. early voting begins later this morning. stacy cohan is tracking this big story. she is live at the board of elects in northwest washington this morning. -- at the board of elections in northwest washington this morning. >> reporter: there is a lot to talk about. this is the first time we've had early voting in the district. i am fortunate to be joined by someone who knows a lot more about this, the executive director of the board of elects. i know you have been working hard. >> today, doors will open at 8:30 a.m. for voting here at the judiciary square on the d street side of the building. >> reporter: this is a new
5:35 am
process. there is new equipment as well. >> we have new voting equipment. we have touch-screen equipment with the paper trail. we are time airily using the optical scanning equipment here. >> reporter: we have a left signs all over judiciary square. they are expecting alet of people out here. i know they were telling you that some people would be bussed in this morning. are you expecting long lines? >> we are planning for lines. we have room would for about 130 people inside the polling location. before a ticker system like the dmv where you take a number and we'll call you up to vote. we should be pretty organized and we're ready for the crowds. >> what is the purpose of early vote something. >> if our country, people's lives have gotten too busy. it is hard to get everybody to vote election day. people decide they would like to vote early at their convenience. >> are you expecting a substantial portion of the electorate to come out and vote before primary day. >> we are expecting about 25%
5:36 am
of the vote which will really limit the lines on election day. >> thank you for that. we have the mayor's race which is a hot ticket out here. behind me, somebody came out here very -- in the mid. night and littered the place with fenty signs. i have aseen convince gray workers and some vans out here -- i've seen vince gray workers and some vans out here. can you expect it to look like an election day. the "washington post" had a new poll out over the weekend that showed gray with a substantial lead over adrian fenty. so an active day even though not the actual primary election day. we'll have more coming up on fox 5 morning news at 6:00. the metro morning rush fee starts this morning. riders will have to pay an extra 0 cents for rides during the height of the morning rush. that mean the peak of the peak fee if you enter after 7:30 or
5:37 am
exit before 9:00 a.m. metro may give also a better idea of how man people attend the large rallies in d.c. this weekend. they plan to release saturday's ridership numbers. hundreds of thousands gathered on the mall from the lincoln memorial to the washington montrealment for glenn beck's restoring honor rally that. took place on the 47th anniversary of dr. martin luther king's i have a dream speech which was held in the same location. beck had asked rally gos are not to bring political signs and most did not. the speeches given mostly centered on the importance of god and family and stayed way from overtly political themes. across town, thousands came out if a rally called the reclaim the dream rally which was a reference to dr. king's i have a dream speech. they called for an end to poverty and voting rights for d.c. they marched to a spot near the jefferson memorial where the mlk mopment is being built. police are trying to track
5:38 am
down a man accused of sexually salting a woman in her georgetown home. neighbor says the men got in by ripping the woman's air conditioner out of her window and climbing through. police are checking into whether this crime is related to other assaults in the area. a maryland family is asking for the public's help in solving a two-year-old cold case murder. kanika powell was shot several times in her head in front of her apartment in laurel. she had complained about two suspicious knocks on her door by a bhan who said he worked for the fbi and another who claimed he was delivering a package. summer vacation now officially over for thousands of kids in the area. this is last first day for montgomery county superintendent jerry weast. he anumberred last week that he would retire at the end of the school year. we'll talk with him live at 7:00. coming up next, their world
5:39 am
underground. thirty-three miners in chile have been trapped for several weeks now. we'll update how they're coping and the latest efforts to rescue them. here is a look at the markets. dow up 164 points. the nasdaq and the nikkei were also up on friday. we'll be talking more about whattings going on and the week ahead in our business beat in our 6:00 hour. ksgo t
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we go through them all the time. doors that mark the day's events. new beginnings. endings. routines. revealing the stories and dramas -- the victories and challenges -- that help us go through new doors of our own. be part of the story. colonial williamsburg. an arizona man kills five
5:42 am
people including the mother of his children. police say the mother was celebrating the birthday of her new boyfriend when the gop burst in. he took off with his two young children. the kids were found okay but police say the man shot himself. nine people were killed when fire swept through a russian nursing home about 120 miles north of moscow. there is speculation a resident at the home set himself on fire. investigators found a canister a flammable liquid in the room with are that fire began. the rescue effort to save those 33 miners chapped grounder beyond in chile will be a joint effort as workers begin digging a rescue hole big enough for the men. the trapped miners will do their part by clearing thousands of tons of rock that will fall during the drilling. the mission may take three to four months. the men have been trapped since august 5th. when we come back, the giggest names in prime time
5:43 am
gathered in california for the emmy awards. we'll recap the big winners. we're back after this. ♪
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happy birthday as dancers mark what would have been michael jackson's 52nd birthday. this group gathered to do some of the king of pop's signature moves. he died at the end of june 2009. >> awesome. >> we had a nice weekend although a little bit hot yesterday afternoon. i guess the heat and humidity are making a comeback. >> yeah, they are. temperatures will be back in the middle 90s we have a cold orange air quality alert. it won't be a great day. we'll go back to school. back to school graphic. i dug it out of the archives. it is time, gurvir. >> i know. >> many parents look forward though time of year. >> yes, i understand. >> lot of sunshine, warm temperatures as you start your morning with temperatures at the bus stop in the low 70s. sunrise, getting a little later. 6:35 this morning. it should be a beautiful day. i recommended shorts. gurvir says absolutely not, no school on opening day at
5:47 am
school. so take it as it were. 75 at reagan national. frederick, 64 degrees. manassas, 6 # in. fredericksburg, we are 67. -- manassas, 63. highs later today, middle 70s t could feel worse. our humidity won't be quite as bad as what we're dealing with for the month of july. nevertheless, any time you talk about temperature in the mid- 90s, it will be a hot one with bright sunshine. there is your satellite-radar. very quiet conditions. high pressure in no hurry to get out of here. it is right there, right across the washington area. be very slow to push off to the east. so with high pressure directly overhead. our chances for even cloud cover is slim to none. we'll have bright sunshine for the next couple of days. we'll have temperatures in the 90s. this is hurricane earl. that is the category two hurricane. maximum winds have increased to 105 miles per hour. we have hurricane warnings now for the leeward islands and just issued for the u.s. virgin islands. a u.s. hurricane watch for puerto rico. we have to watch this tracking off to the north and west at
5:48 am
about 15 miles per hour. it looks like it will track closer to the east coast than danielle did a few days ago. it is possible we could see tropical storm conditions along the eastern seaboard as we get into thursday and friday and either way, garb teed more strong storms surge in that time period as early passes off to our east. 96 for us this afternoon. code orange air quality. plenty of sunshine but it will be hot out there. winds out of the north here at five miles per hour. five-day forecast, if you like 90s, you are going to love this five-day forecast. tuesday, wednesday, thursday and possibly even friday, we'll have to watch the track for earl, we'll have temperatures in the 90s. by next week, it look like our temperature will be back into the 80s. we will start a cool down. let's get to on-time traffic and lauren demarco. >> temperatures in the 90s and julie is not here. >> hopefully, having a good
5:49 am
time on her day off. we are starting to see some delays. inbound 66, see something roll yum now as you approach the beltway. we do have the new lane shift because of the weekend construction that is wrapped up. your lanes are open but they do shift slightly to the right. so we are watching delays starting to build here. eastbound 66 at the beltway. beltway itself, very nice trip both in virginia and in maryland crossing the american legion bridge. both the inner and outer loops running at speed. do want to mention an accident inbound east capital street at 55th street. you will find that your unbound lanes are blocked in that area. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. the honors ha out at the 62nd annual prime time heme awards. >> we find out about the winners from mary ann rafferty. >> come join our glee club. >> you can sing and dance, right? >> a gleeful start to this year's emmy wards with jimmy
5:50 am
fallon bringing the funny. it seemed like modern family might sweep the show winning the first two in a row. then fox's own jane lynch won for outstanding supporting actress fay comedy series for her role as sue sill vester in glee. >> i want to stay say spot cast, i love you, you are lounge young, wonderful and fresh faced. when i'm in the seething with jealousy being i'm so proud of you. >> edie falco won for her role in nurse jackie. >> is in just the most ridiculous thing that has ever, hfer happened -- ever happened in the history of this lovely awards show. thank you so much. i am in the funny. >> reporter: over on the drama side, breaking bad's brian cranston took home the emmy for outstanding lead actor in a lead drama series. >> during the time it took me to walk up here, i'm venturing there were 200 text messages to my fellow nominees saying under robbed. >> modern family won outstanding comedy series. mad men won outstanding dramaened at daily show took
5:51 am
home the emmy for outstanding variety, comedy or music series. overall, hbo was the biggest winner bringing in six wards. fox took home two. when we come back, we'll have your sports headlines. roger clemens in federal court. plus your latest redskins reported leading into this weekend's final pre-season game. d
5:52 am
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rio de janeiroer clemens expected in federal court here in district. the 48-year-old former pitcher will be arraigned on charges that he thried congress about using steroids. clemens was indicted earlier this month on six counts of making false statements, perjury and obstruction of justice. he told a congressional committee two years ago that he never used performance- enhancing drugs. key face up to 21 months in prison. a man claiming to be the biological father of lebron james will be in court today. he is suing lebron and his mother gloria james for millions of dollars. he maintains that gloria tampered with evidence proving that he is lebron's dad. he says he had unprotected sex with her and that he later found out she was only 15 years old. he was 29 at the time. most of the redskins starting line-up expected to sit out of thursday's final pre- season game against the cardinals. donovan mcnabb and clinton portis both having ankle problems. the biggest concern with the
5:55 am
regular season opener is the running game. the redskins have averaged 82 yards rushing in three pre- season games. that is 24th in the nfl the average per carry, under three yards. the team's ground game struggled again the ravens. the head coach is not panicking. >> first of all, we played two pretty good defenses. didn't have much a game plan. but our running game will get there. it is a process. but very respectable defense we played with the jets and also with baltimore, two very, very good teams. >> turning now it baseball and the washington nationals, levon hernandez has agreed it a one- year extension with the 011 nats giving them more stability in a rotation that will be out stephen strasburg next year. top of the second, let's head to the store. two on, two out, takes adam
5:56 am
wainwright to the opposite field. he is pretty good too. that will knock in adam dunn followed by michael morse. that made it 2-0 nats. we'll move ahead now. bottom of the third inning. it is still going to be 2-0 nationals. michael morse, what a day he had. herer turns on a breaking ball, drives it to deep left field. that will be a two-run home run. and if morse, his seventh straight hit, one shy of the franchise record. lanham strikes out albert pujols to win. washington takes three of four from the cardinals. high school football, bob malloy and good counsel on the road in cincinnati. st.xavier in blue trailing 7-6. the pass interseptemberred by mike jefferson. 56yards for the touchdown. good counsel, the "washington post"'s pre-season number one
5:57 am
rallies to defeat st. xavier. pepco is going to answer to the public once again. they are appearing before the public siives commission and the customers who feel their wronged. we'll check out your morning commute for you and take a look at traffic. fox 5 morning news comes right back. >> ...berber carpet. it was a whole bowl of stew. nooo. why? i could have saved this one. i could have saved this one. ♪ call 1-800-steemer
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